Top 42 on American Idol 2012

Wendy Taylor is grateful for her time on American Idol. But she’s also frustrated.

The Houston-area singer made this season’s top 42, a huge feat for any aspiring singer. But viewers only got a few glimpses of her — and just one listen to her powerful voice during a group performance of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Taylor was cut Thursday night, a week shy of the live semifinals.

No explanation, no final performance. Just a quick shot of her crying.

“I am extremely frustrated about it — either way it went,” she says. “Let’s say I was in the top 24. The rest of America has already sort of picked their favorites. I’m already down 20 points. But I’m not in the top 24, (and) the whole experience was for nothing.

“If you don’t get that moment onstage where you really get to shine. If you don’t get that chance to let America fall in love with you, then you’ve missed out on the greatest opportunity and the whole point of doing the show. I had some of the best performances of my life in these auditions, and they picked probably the worst performance out of all of them to show.”

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