Local Idol Contestant Could Get 2nd Chance at Stardom

Local Idol Contestant Could Get
Second Chance at Stardom

Published : Thursday, 10 Feb 2011, 10:50 PM CST

HOUSTON – We introduced you to American Idol contestant Wendy Taylor last week. While impressing the judges in Austin, she was dealing with a devastating fire at her home here in Crosby.

Wendy Taylor received a “yes” from Randy, J-Lo and Steven Tyler. Hollywood, the single mother of three says, was a whole different ball game.

“It’s almost twice as nerve-racking as the city auditions, it’s way more intense, you don’t get to spend time talking to the judges, you line up, you step forward you step back, front line you’re going on…back line you’re going home, it’s that cut and dry.”
So was it front line or back line for the red-haired beauty who belted out Celine Dion’s “All by Myself”?

“I did not make it to the next round in Hollywood, I sure didn’t. They were really great about everything. They asked me specifically to come back next year which I plan on doing because it was such an amazing experience.”

Wendy even agreed with the judges’ decision.

“I would’ve been a lot less boring. I didn’t use the stage. They gave me this full amazing stage in Hollywood, California and I’m just standing there because up on stage here it’s kind of a different ball game. I can’t quit moving here, but I think what I was thinking was that a song that big and that powerful, that was all it needed.”

But getting cut from American Idol isn’t stopping this hot mama. She’s busy rehearsing with her band at downtown Houston’s Main Stage for an upcoming concert. She’s auditioning for another hit show this weekend.

“Americas Got Talent with NBC and I was just tickled pink about that.”

Most importantly, she’s not giving up.

“A good attitude takes you a whole long way and that and as far as the performing goes, if you want to play for the Toyota Center and you want to sell-out stadiums, you have to have a show that’s worthy of the Toyota Center and no matter if you’re performing in front of 6 people or 6,000 people, you have to put your heart and soul into it every single time and get bigger and bigger and bigger with it.”

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