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Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 9:27 pm | Updated: 10:48 pm, Wed Feb 16, 2011.

Wendy Taylor has always been spicy and her zest for living life hasn’t changed since she was in high school. “I always wanted to stand out,” she said.

Even as a football player on the seventh and eighth grade team in middle school, Taylor’s willingness to go the extra mile has played in her favor. As she entered high school, she began to focus more on her appetite for music. She earned the First Division medals at UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest and participated in the choir experience.

“I learned a lot in those classes,” she said. “I now know the difference between a quality voice and an amateur one,” she said. She said she was always lucky to have amazing choral directors who took an interest in their students. Wendy Musachia was the first director to influence her in the Huffman school system. Then she had Greta Bryant, who now teaches her children. Her high school director, Christi Bean, really stood out to her.
“Christi Bean is one of the sweetest human beings. She was always uplifting and supportive,” Taylor said. “She would take what she had and made it better. She had a way of pointing out your weak spots without making you feel like they were a weakness and work through those. She had a beautiful voice and a passion for singing.”

Taylor said you could tell she loved her kids, and they loved her in return.
“She made me a better singer, bar none. It’s one thing to have raw talent and another to work on your trade. She showed me how to work on my voice,” Taylor said.
Following graduation, Taylor attended San Jacinto College until she married into the military. “We moved all over the country,” she said. During that time, she had two tough pregnancies which forced her into bed rest. The music career was put on hold. After a failed marriage, she returned home to Indian Shores for solace and to regain her focus in life again.

“I like being out here on the water, I love this community. It’s home,” she said.
She likes to go spend some time with her ‘second’ family, the Platou’s, skiing out on the lake. “I have an amazing family. I don’t know how I got this lucky to be born into a more supporting family,” she said. “I have funny, intelligent, hard-working parents and I strive every day to please them.”

Her mom and dad, Leslee and Robert, are totally supportive of her career and took her in following the fire. “I am a struggling single mom and I have a lot of support from my family. I don’t know where I’d be without them. They’re the ones that allow me to chase my dream and do American Idol.”

She survives with four businesses. She’s hoping that a win on Idol could help her expand her own interests. She has a recording studio and her own label, publishing company, performs and also has a lawn maintenance care business. “It costs a lot of money to break in a new artist,” she said, “the studio time being the most expensive and marketing the most time expense.” She says she learned her work ethic from her mom and dad.
“They taught me how to work hard,” she said.

Taylor was discovered by 350 Records, a company that eventually went belly up, but she learned a lot about the music business. Since then, she continues to perform at different venues all across the area and around the state hoping that some day she will be discovered and her dreams will fully be realized. For Taylor, everything seems to melt into the background when she’s performing.

“Every time someone hands me a microphone, it’s about me and the music. I love that other people enjoy what I do, but if I didn’t love what I did, no one else would care then.”
She’s not passive about how she’s able to continue to chase her dream of making it big.
“This is my passion too. Because other people enjoy what I do, I get to keep doing it and I owe everything to them for it.”

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