Lyrics to: Hold Me Down

Hold Me Down

(Verse 1)
I’m driving in my car
Crusin’ in the fast lane
I’m living on the edge
Faster than a jet plane
And I know I’m missing out
Incapable of slowing down
Yeah I’m missin
Life has gotten so insane
Won’t someone take me off this train
Oh I need you
To hold me
Hold me down
Takin’ life for granted
Acting like it’s a race
Hold me down
No sense in moving too fast
Can’t feel the wind on my face
Hold me down
There’s got to be more
To this life I’ve been given
Hold me down
Don’t want you to leave
Just help me to breath
Hold me down
(Verse 2)
When life has gotten hard
And I just wanna let go
Will you be by my side
Or will you leave me all alone
Cause I don’t want to be alone
Won’t you please come take me home
Know I’m missin
Life has gotten so insane
I just can’t take any more pain
So won’t you please
Hold me
Everything has gotten so far out of hand
I’m slipping through life’s fingers like a fist full of sand
And I don’t
I don’t wanna go it alone
So if you’re coming with me then just hold me
Hold me down
Hold me down
(Chorus with adlib to end)
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