Lyrics to: Dear Misery

Dear Misery

(Verse 1)
What is this thing that’s got such a hold on me
Why do I feel like I’m not allowed
To get up off my knees


Why can’t I feel
Why can’t I breath
Why can’t I get exactly what I need
To break free of you misery

You push me down
You suffocate
You leave me out here
I’m bleeding so much
I’m drowning in all this pain

I’ve tried my best
To break free of the pain in me
But you won’t let go
So please

Set me free
I wanna be free
Free to live as I please
Free to walk fearlessly
Free to open my heart and give all of me

Set me free
I need to be free
I wanna love without chains
Feel his touch without feeling the rain
Please set me free

(Verse 2)
And I can’t move on long as you’ve got a hold on me
So I’m begging you now to let me out of you gravity

I wanna feel
I wanna breath
I want to get exactly what I need
To break out of this misery

Don’t push me down
Don’t suffocate
Don’t leave me out here helpless
To drown in all your pain

(Bridge 2)
I’ll do my best
To live my life for what’s right for me
And I will not rest
Until I am set


Walk away from

You’re company is leaving you
Oh misery

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