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Bayou City Theatrics’ ROCKY HORROR Fabulously Rocks Hell Out of Houston

Friday, October 26, 2012

 The other show stealer here is the remarkable presence of Wendy Taylor as Riff Raff. Her huge knockers and huge soulful voice can be seen and heard all the way to downtown Houston. I have never experienced the amazing talents of the wonderful Ms. Taylor, but now I am eager to experience her again. Wow!

Simply known as Wendy Taylor, there is nothing simple about her. She can flat out SANG!!! Since the age of 3, she has been dancing and making music. So, they call her “Songbird!”

A charismatic talent who boasts an arsenal of styles, she touches all genres for the music enthusiast.

This chanteuse cannot be described in mere words, but only by her powerful, energetic burlesque-style delivery of personal works and signature, high-energy bravado. Wendy Taylor’s stage presence will have males and females alike squirming in their seats for more. This artist makes love to your ears, eyes and mind … keeping you just a note away from inner explosion!

Ms. Taylor’s writing and performing techniques do not derive from a particular genre, but present a unique combination of Pop, Rock, R&B and sheer ecstasy, bridging the gaps between sexy, artistic and talented. Hers is not just music, but a story breathing life into you with edginess, vigor, pain and love!

Wendy Taylor admires Rascal Flats, Pink Floyd, Bette Midler and Aretha Franklin. With such artists as influences, it is no wonder there appear to be no boundaries to her impeccable style and presence!

Each song is powerful, sexy and full of energy. Each performance catapults us into her world of glam and overwhelms you with ear-tingling pleasure. Ms. Taylor’s voice soars just as her nickname describes, like “a song bird.”

With no further adieu, Songbird meet the world. … World meet Songbird!

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3 Responses to Wendy

  1. David says:

    Hey, i like your songs..you are great and awesome. I like your homepage picture too.

  2. CJHustleMusic says:

    Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ Wendy, ’cause it’s workin! 🙂

  3. Orlando says:

    I had the honor to meet Wendy and Bill last week during a Caribbean cruise. Her talent, charisma, and powerful voice moved us all, and now we are connected.

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